Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend Updates

I am working on setting up pages for all 5 roles with a specific Champion, to ease game since no matter what role i play,everyone seems to want to fight for it.

Garen is at 127 games played with 55.91% win rate.  Using a new build on him that is a lot nicer.
Draven is at 57 games and 50.88% win rate.
Amumu is 11 games and 36.36% win rate.  I blame being unused to jungle and the champ.
Soraka is 4 games and 25% win rate.  Good at support, however, cannot carry the game as such.
And finally Ryze with 1 game and 0% win rate.  First game ever with Ryze and haven't played APC in months.

Starting on Rage, caught it for 5$ on the Steam Sales, haven't gotten to play any yet.  Working on building a gold farm on the survival server, using on creative when absolutely necessary to the process.

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