Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rage Quitting

So a couple of nights I ran into the worst kind of person to meet in LoL besides a feeder.  We had on our team a rager.  Now the story here requires a bit of a background to really make full sense.

I don't play a lot of League of Legends, I enjoy the game but my main game is WoW.  Here recently I have been playing more because a lot of my friends have started playing regularly and have formed a psuedoteam that plays every night.  For a long time they played vs bots to learn the game and develop the skills you need to be able to go head to head with other players.

Recently however, they made the switch to PvP.  We have been playing 2-3 games a night, mostly losing, but the point was to have fun, and for most of us, to hone our skills at the game and become better players.  Not so much for one of our team mates evidently, who had started to complain about us going to PvP, wanting to just farm easy bots.  However, the rest of us were enjoying the increased challenge and length of the PvP games.

Early into our second game of the night, the notification pops up saying he has died again.  We are all talking on Skype and you can hear his headphones hit the table as he tosses them off.  He suddenly starts to rage across text chat, since no one can hear him on Skype anymore.  Another death quickly follows and he leaves the game.  At this point for the game he was 0-9-0, having fed the team up to this point.  It wasn't something he had done intentionally, we all know him in real life, its not the kind of person he is.

Now the problem here is this.  For those of you who haven't played League before, when someone leaves a game in progress, the servers don't pull another person in to fill the spot.  The champion that they were piloting just runs back to base and sits there.  This puts their team at a disadvantage since they are permanently down a person now.  If your facing bots, that can be covered for.  When you are in a game with player opponents, in a match your are already struggling with, that is the end of the game for your team.

Rage quitting a game is worse than just about anything else in the game.  You are guaranteeing that your team is going to lose, abandoning your friends to something that you could have helped them with.

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