Monday, April 30, 2012


So my intention for a while was to run Ahri as my main champion on League.  I really liked her from what I have played, she is a little slow out the gates but has a nice damage output in late game, especially if she can get fed and get geared, Rabadon's is a godsend with her.

The problem is one of the others in our group already plays Ahri as main.  This is fine when he plays someone else, but left me without a champion.  So I used the IP boost that was just given out and got the IP to purchase Akali, intending to use her as a backup.

I sat on her for a day or two, having no reason to use her.  A buddy of mine started playing yesterday, and I decided since it was just beginner bots I would pull out Akali to get a feel for her before I plunged into harder bots and PvP.  My first game I went 18-5-0.  Granted it was beginner bots, but it was also my first game with ever with her, and I did better than I usually do with any champion.  Also, notice the no assists.  There was no assists for me, if I came after you, you died, no ifs, ands, or buts.

I intended to use Akali as a backup, but if she plays this well tonight on intermediate bots and PvP, she may very well become my main.

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