Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Account Wide Achievements

Haven't really posted anything on WoW, due to not really having anything to say, but yesterday I was reminded of a new "feature" coming with MoP.  There was a discussion started of at WoW Insider about peoples thoughts on achievements being shared across your account that got me back on that subject.

I hate the this idea.  I understand there are a lot of people for it, so I am willing for there to be a compromise on it, mainly because the people I have talked to that are against it, are so for personal reasons.  I love playing alts, but one of the main reason I love playing them is I like going back and experiencing the game again from a different perspective, class/spec/role.  All of it, every nook and cranny, achievement, farm, everything.  I'm not a hardcore raider to spend hours every week working on raiding, the same goes for PvP.  I spend enough time on everything to cap, then I am done.

So by making everything account wide, you are gutting the vast majority of the game for me.  That means most of what I would be doing with an alt is leveling.  This is the complain that I see out of a lot of the people that are against the change.

I understand why people want the change, I understand the nicety of once you have earned something, you have it, you don't have to work for it again, just because you switched toons, felt like trying something else.  But that is not for me.  Blizzard talks about how they want everyone to feel like they have something to do in the game, but they yank away some peoples method of doing so.

But i think there is a middle ground here, have the option to switch account wide achievements on/off.  Just a little bit of extra coding and you could make everyone in the equation happy.

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