Monday, May 21, 2012

Finished Diablo 3

So I finished my first pass of Diablo 3 this weekend, on normal.  From start to end it took about 17 hours.  I pushed hard for it this time, I'm going to take my time of future passes, work on getting achievements and the usual.

A big nod to Blizzard on this one.  Despite launch day woes, and everything that went off, they delivered a product that was no less than expected, the story line was phenomenal, the movies were standard setting as usual, and the whole game pulled together in a awesome way.  I will probably sink some horrible amount of time into this, much as I did for the first two.

On other notes, I'm working on Frostbitten, and all I have left is Putridus, which is odd, I didn't expect him to be the last one left.  Does make it easy tho, log in, if NPC scan goes off, YAY, if not, go do something else.  I'm sitting Icecrown and have had that go off all the way down in Borean Tundra as I zoned in before.

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