Friday, May 4, 2012

Diablo 3

Well guys, we are at 10 days till Diablo 3, since it should be green light for install at midnight the morning of the 15th.  I for one will be starting the install the minute that I get home from work, probably staring at my screen like a fiend waiting to be able to play.

I am however, thoroughly disappointed at the buildup to the event on their reveal website.  New videos on each class with a little more info on how they work is nice, although the fact that the last of it ran after the open beta is slightly pointless.  But each of the reveal points but one has been developer diaries, which is great if you want to know behind the scenes.  But not so much when you just want info on the game.

Tidbits of info on the game that everyone have been waiting on for almost a decade would be a great way to get everyone fired up for your game.  Meandering interviews by the people that made the game on the process that caused it to take so long to get here, not so much.

Don't get me wrong, I love the approach that Blizzard used to take, where they would throw their own deadlines and release dates out the window in favor of having the game as close to perfect as possible when it did come out.  That is something that you don't see as much these days, when even console games usually have a day one patch to fix things that they couldn't be bothered to get to till after they had printed the discs.

But I don't care why the game has taken this long, I just want the game, and I want it to be all that it should be when it gets here.

Edit: The wallpapers posted today are nice though.

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