Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Full Spectator Mode

Full Spectator has went live now, even if it did drop without the new champion, and while most of the people that I talked to didn't seem to think that much about it, I think that it is a great addition to the game.

Sure, game play wise it doesn't change anything.  I probably won't even use it to spectate my friends, unless I am waiting for them to finish a game.  But it also allows you to watch live games of high ranked players.  They are right there are your main screen, just a click away.

These are the people that have fought their way up the rankings, that know how to play the game.  What is a particular prize is if you can find someone playing those games as your main champion, then you can watch them play, pick up on tricks that they use to make themselves better.

1 comment:

  1. I obviously haven't been following the news lately. This is great news. I remember when Guild Wars put spectator mode in. It was amazing to watch top rated teams playing the game at a high level. I'll have to get updated and see what LoL has to offer.