Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Thoughts on Account Level Achievements

So I have done close to an about face on account level achievements now that Blizzard and Ghostcrawler have deemed fit for the masses to have some information on how they are planning on having them run.

I still don't like the idea in general, but it is a moot point at this time, because they have found a way to accommodate just about everyone.  With the fact that you will have an account level summary of all the achievements you have earned, it allows everyone to keep all of their achievements from toon to toon.  This satisfies most of the screaming masses (which, remember, doesn't always mean the majority of people), and allows somethings that I am not complaining about.  There are some achievements that are just god awful for one reason or another (see WoW Insiders list of evil achievements).  This means you are not doing them repeatedly on multiple toons, it also makes life easier for people with a lot of alts when holidays roll around.

But, you will also get a toast if you complete the requirements again on a separate toon from the ones that have completed it already.  For most people this is the achievement side of it, the pop up and ding plus the chat spam that goes out for it.  It doesn't add to you achievement score, you got the achievement already, remember.  But it does acknowledge that you got the achievement again.  Which is good for the people that make alts just to do it all over again.

Its not going to change my plans of just going for a complete achievement list using multiple toons, but it is nice for Blizzard to concede to the people that would like to be able to do achievements again on another toon.

Note: Sorry about the miss yesterday, completely forgot.  Also, if you guys want to hear about anything, I am always open to suggestions in the comments.


  1. I think the multi-character achievements you described in your earlier post are a good idea, not that I'm not thrilled that I won't ever have to do school of hard knocks on another alt ever again ever. >.> It would be nice if the one alt I've done it on, could give my other ones credit.


    1. With the way they are being implemented on beta, you will have credit on all of your toons if you get it on one, but they are still gonna acknowledge if you complete the criteria for the achievement on a separate toon