Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Afternoons

Well guys, I'll be honest, wasn't really looking forward to coming back to work today, laziness and all that.  I don't really think it is all that funny that before I head in I can think of a million things to write about, then once I get here my head goes empty.

Since I seem to have forgotten what I had planned to write about, I'm going to make an observation that just came to me today, and I think is going to alter my play style when it comes to WoW.

Achievements are going account wide, along with mounts and vanity pets, most of which will soon be used for the Pet Battles.  On initial look at this, I hate the idea, still do, but it allows me to do something that I love to do but have been holding off on in favor of making progress on a single toon.  See, I am a completionist and achievement junkie.  After hearing about the couple of players that managed to get all of the achievements in game back during Wrath, I determined I was going to do that as well.  But I love to play a lot of different classes and specs, each one feels different, behaves differently.  In all reality, each spec is a separate class, even if it does share a few similarities with others.

So how do you satisfy both sides of that, get all the achievements and play a lot of classes at once.  Up to this point, you have a couple options.  Focus on one toon to the exclusions of all else, get the achievements and start over.  Or, take time away from a main to play separate classes, slowing progress on achievements.

Now, that's not a problem any more, you can play multiple toons, and all of your stuff is account wide now, no matter what toon you are on, your making progress towards the achievements.  So, this is what I am going to go forward with, playing multiple toons but still able to make progress on getting all the achievements done.


  1. The announcement about the achievements have left me able to let go and NOT finish what a long strange trip it has been on my new main...once I decided that she was actually my main now and not an alt I was using for the guild's needs, I felt compelled to finish her achievements out!

  2. It has been nice, I don't have a hard main simply because I do not raid a lot, it was mostly due to achievements, with this I can move around a lot more.