Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Never Surrender

So me and a couple of my buddies that play LoL have came to a conclusion.  There is, as I am sure anyone that has played knows, a surrender option after 20 minutes in a game of LoL.  It gets used far to much and gives people an easy way out if they fuck up and feed or aren't getting carried hard enough.  I will never use it again.

The reasoning is this.  You never learn anything if you surrender.  You won't know what to do if your team gets snowballed against,  You won't know how to fight back against unfair odds and win.  You make it easy to place the blame on someone else's shoulders rather than take the blame if you fucked up.

I have made ridiculous comebacks before.  The whole game is about being able to take advantage of the other teams mistakes when they are made.  Mistakes will be made.  I have been on the team that aced them at our nexus, with the Nexus being all that was left, and won.

But that absolutely cannot happen if you surrender.  You will not get better if you surrender, at least not to the best you could be.  Yea, it sucks if your losing.  Don't rage, don't give up, play better.

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