Tuesday, September 4, 2012


So inevitably something anyone that plays a game for an extended period of time deals with is burnout.  Weather it be WoW, D3, or LoL you inevitably deal with burnout after you play for long enough.  You will lose the desire to play, where you don't enjoy it anymore, only playing because of your friends or out of habit.

This isn't what I was dealing with when I stopped playing WoW.  I still like the game, just not to the point of playing it over games I am enjoying much more at this point.  I would still go back to it in the right circumstances, even though I don't foresee those happening in all reality.

No, burnout is when you have lost all enjoyment of a game, to the point you just stop playing.  Usually happens when someone plays a game for too long, too much.

Best thing you can do is just stop playing.  Go do something else for a couple of weeks.  You may decide you want to go back to it, you may not.

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