Thursday, September 13, 2012


So watching the champion spotlight for Syndra, I almost bought her today and tried her out, but no, still working on Sivir (36/100).  But a couple of things did stand out.  She looks like she is a champion with a lot of potential, and probably a little overpowered out of the gate, but what is new on that part, they always are. But I think it will take some significant practice with her to be able to play her well.  getting her damage output high while staying alive takes a little bit of setup and therefor is gonna take practice to master.

I love the new Miss Fortune splash.  I hate the icon for it however.  On the minimap it looks like a splash of color and takes a second to be recognized as a face.  But I can deal with it cause the splash is beautiful.

Also, why the hell was anyone actually playing Syndra in PvP today.  I don't care if you played her the entire time she was out on the PBE, don't take her into PvP day one, there are usually last minute changes made before a champion is dropped, and you should practice some before you jump into a PvP.  I feel it is a mistake of a player to take a brand new champ into PvP day one, you are just as likely to fuck shit up as you are to help out.

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