Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Seed Project, more info

SO I will be running the seed project primarily from work which will mean slightly lower render distances, although i will try to turn it up some for the initial pics.  I will be running an initial pass with the seed on creative mode, to pick out anything obvious about the seed that stands out, then playing the seed in survival, screenshotting anything worthwhile noticing.  I am going to be running these over an extended period, probably around a month, which is a lot of play time here at work, although that may change depending on how things go.  I will post an update probably daily with screenshots from the seed and notify what the seed is.  For anything that stands out I will try to remember to screenshot with coordinates up.  This will probably also be posted to reddit and through Imgur albums with full size pictures if they don't translate out to full size on here.

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