Tuesday, July 31, 2012

League of Legends - The Community

So I was talking to me friend the other night, trying to drag him back to LoL, when the community of the game came up.  I had mentioned the ability to mute players in game now and for him, that was game changing in his decision on whether or not to play again.  You see, he had decided to stop playing the game in the first place because of the community in the game.  Not because he didn't like the game anymore, or that it had grown boring.  Nothing to do with the actual game itself as a matter of fact.  The other people playing the game had reached a point of such immaturity and flat out bitchiness that he could not stand to interact with them anymore, so he quit.

So I thought it was something worth discussing.  At the point in which a good game is losing players because of the people playing the game, something needs to be done.  I'm not talking specifically about raging in game, I am planning another article specifically for that point later.

i am talking about the fact that your playing a game that in order for you to be successful, you have to rely on and trust the other 4 people in your team, and the fact that is about impossible.  You see behaviors that can spark arguments in PvP matches that will cause you to lose a game coming up in bot matches.  Seriously, I have seen people bitching about Kill Stealing in a beginner bot match.  No body gives a shit, they shouldn't give a shit even in PvP, a kill is a kill no matter who it goes to.

The trolls that run abundant in the game, messing games up, purposefully feeding and everything else they can do to get a rise out of the player base.  I have gotten to the point where the first moment a person starts to act off, they get muted.  And a game shouldn't be like that, not one that needs communication like LoL.

The tribunal is nice, but it is so easy to make another account if yours gets banned, even though most of the bans are not permanent.  It is something Riot needs to be concerned about, when a small portion of the player base is driving consumers away.

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