Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reddit and Ideas

So yesterday I was browsing through the LoL section on reddit, just seeing if there was anything there worth the time when a thread caught my eye.  The thread was someone saying that him and a couple of buddies were going to roll new LoL accounts out and play a single champion from Summoner level 1 to 30.  No other champ, just that one the whole way, and was asking for suggestions on which champ to play.

This got me to thinking and I was discussing with one of my friends about the idea.  If you had played a champion for that long then you would have the timing down to perfection, been able to perfect the build for them, should be able to play them near perfectly.  At least, assuming you were trying to and not just grinding away mechanically, which if you are and you have no desire to improve, please, just stop playing, you ruin the game for others.

It gave me an idea.  Now,I have no desire at all to start over at level 1.  I'm too close to the 30 mark now to back off and do it again.  But instead of the hap hazard method with which I have switched champions up to this point, I am going to make it an easy, solid number to follow.  Play a champion until I reach 100 PvP wins on them, then I can switch.  100 because it is a nice high number that takes a while to reach, especially if your not playing good.  It gives me plenty of time to perfect my play style on a champ, raising me above the average ability on said champ.  For the sake of sanity I am going to just start at the top of the list with Ahri and work my way down.

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