Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Vegas

So I got some time in today playing Fallout: New Vegas.

I understand I am more than behind to the ball on playing this game but since I tend to focus on WoW and LoL, with Diablo 3 thrown in now, any progress on other games suffer as a result.

It had been a fun process so far.  I played the game before but spent far too much time just playing around with it and cheats for it (PC version), to the point at which I had ruined the experience for myself.

But since I lost my save files when I re-installed windows over to the bigger, faster hard drive I decided I would go through and actually play this time, legit.  While it definitely ramps the difficulty up, to a level I don't remember Fallout 3 having, it has been fun.

But I doubt I will ever play hardcore mode.  I know someone who has and to me, it doesn't seem like it would be that fun of a trade off.  I am always the kind of person to do something just to prove I can, but not this time.

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