Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Updates

WoW - So the official number for my progress is 9475/10000 and some change, the plus side being I am making a lot more money from everything I am selling in the progress.

LoL - Make it to summoner level 25 over the weekend, going something like 16 wins to 4 losses.  Did some playing over the weekend and found out you can build a AP Amumu with over 800 AP, which results is despair doing over 10% of their max life a second.  Squishy tho.

Diablo 3 - Hit 21 on the barb.  Pushed the Witch Doctor to 56 but we are effectively against a wall on those.  We have pushed into Act 2 Hell and are getting farmed more than we are farming.  Could be due to the whole level 30 gear still equipped thing.  Is bullshit that I have a helm on from Normal mode that I cant find and upgrade for in Hell mode.

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