Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shift of Focus

Nothing yesterday, was my daughters birthday, so no work, no blog.

Hectic day resulted in my not accomplishing much.  Played a little Diablo 3, not much, just enough to realize that I feel the Barbarian's toolkit is very limited and repetitive.  Still something very fulfilling about it though.

The main thing is that I decided instead of bouncing around achievements on all my toons I am going to just run down the list, completing achievement chains, then switching to a different toon.  First on the list?  Got My Mind on My Money.  I'm currently at 9448.  I'm not rushing it, just using it as an excuse to go mindlessly farm, skinning and herbing as I go.  Which also means I am selling a lot of stuff, even in the pre-expansion slump.  I expect if I don't break and spend it on something to hit the gold cap at least once.  Since I don't have another Alliance character on that server, I will probably end up spending it then, but would be nice to touch the gold cap once before that happens.  I will probably find a use for the gold on the black market, since I expect this chain to take me forever.

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