Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Item Shops

So on a quick update, still no changes to the Putridus hunt.  My WoW mouse died after 2-3 years of hard work, so any suggestions on that side would be great, I will probably be getting a replacement sometime next month.

So I bring to the table today the remnants of a discussion I had with one of my friends, and some of my coworkers over item shops in games.  It is something that I used to be wholeheartedly against, and still am for the most part.  I do think that aesthetic item shops are okay, if all you can buy are cosmetic options, which by the way, is something I wouldn't be surprised to see WoW come out with now, they already do mounts and pets, wouldn't be that big of a jump to see transmog armor and weapons show up.

I am vehemently against combat items shops at first glance.  If WoW was to implement something likethat, where you could buy items that would actually help you in game, I would quit.  Its not that I don't know that people already do this, but it is no sanctioned by Blizzard.

But that is where it gets weird.  The discussion that was had today was in reference to Team Fortress 2.  They have an item store that provides in game perks.  Granted you can find these same items in game simply by playing.  But the store there doesn't bother me.  It could be simply because the perks are not game changing or breaking.  The game still is mostly base on luck and skill.

There are more examples I could give, but the question is, why does it make such a difference in one game and not another.  Thoughts?

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