Thursday, June 28, 2012


Ok guys, gonna talk fun and serious about LoL today.

On the fun note, loving support Alistar.  Definitely not to be fucked with as long as I have a decent carry in lane.  Have yet to go negative in a game with him, even with a bad team or two.  Been very nice.

Serious note.  Fix my damn game Riot.  We are finally seeing the queues to log on drop to something that is slightly reasonable, which allows me to at least get on.  But the problem is staying on, there is no reason to be in a PvP game and have 30-40 disconnects for the game between everyone.  Obviously the game is not fixed.  Not that anyone would know since they won't tell us anything, just ignoring the issue to all appearances.

They need it to be fixed, as a business.  It looks bad on them.  And they have some heavy competition coming into the field in the future, DOTA 2 is available in beta now and is going to be F2P.  Then you have Blizzard All-stars.  While they don't have a release date on that yet, we have already seen Blizzards ability to dominate a genre when they move into it.  Those are going to be a lot more appealing to people if they have to fight with instability to play LoL.

Riot needs to get their shit together on this and let the players know that they are trying to get it fixed, not just pretending that the issue does not exist.

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