Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Updates

WoW - No luck with Putridus, although I think I am going to start staying in game more with the Pally, just farming and such in zone, since obviously the log in to check and log back out is allowing me to miss him.

Diablo 3 - No progress on the Demon Hunter although I did work on the Witch Doctor, just hit 21.

LoL - Not a lot here, would have more if the servers hadn't been down all day yesterday.

MW3 - Got some play in, since the Desktop was stolen by the wife, the double XP running all weekend was very nice.

Skyrim - Remembered something about playing a stealth class that I had forgotten since the days of Oblivion.  Its called stealth for a reason, you don't have to fight everything.

Terraria - No progress on my world leveling, did take a hammer and knock out the back ground on level with where I am at so I wouldn't have to wear the mining helmet all the time.

I think that is all for this last weekend, any suggestions for the friday video, let me know.

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