Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Witch Doctors and Barbarians

So I started a Barbarian with an idea, that if it works out I am going to do on all of the classes before I am done.  This is lead by moving spells around on my witch doctor making me realize that there are spells I have looked over in the past that are in reality very awesome.  Sacrafice, anyone?  So I am going to level a set of toons, which will allow me a pass through on each class as well where I will move new abilities and runes to my current spells without a decision making process on them.  This will allow me to experience everything that each class has to offer and allow me see how they work in the game.  Right now the Barb is only level 8.

That is due to the playtime I have put in on my Witch Doctor, having just tagged 47 today, been putting a lot more time on her since I have been playing her with friends.

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